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Web Development Career Guide

This guide covers more than just creating web pages. It covers all the technologies, tools and advice to becoming a complete web developer.

Is web development for you?

Web development is very easy to get into and has very few requirements. However, it can be very tough and tedious. Here is a list of general questions you can ask yourself:

  • Can I handle spending an entire day on one small problem without breaking my PC?
  • Does understanding of computers and technology come naturally to me?
  • Am I OK with having to constantly learn new things?
  • Am I actually interested in IT?

Milestones you will face.

These are the most common barriers Iíve noticed that deter people from going further in their career as a web developer. Iíve listed them from earliest/easiest, to latest/hardest.

  1. Being able to create cross-browser compatible sites
  2. Learning how to program to create dynamic content using web-scripting
  3. Learning how to work with databases and SQL
  4. Organization of database and scripting to create a robust website
  5. Web Application development
  6. Object Oriented software development
  7. Creating secure and bug-free websites

Even getting through the first barrier, cross-browser compatibility, will allow for a good career in web development. Each of these barriers is a big accomplishment. Keep them in mind when learning so that you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish.

Part One - Building Web Sites